25 Thoughts Every Camper Has On the First Day Of Camp

We all know the excitement one feels on the first day of camp. Campers are arriving from near and far, usually after hours spent in the car, waiting in anticipation. You pull into the Clearwater driveway and it feels like a giant relief! Now that you’re here, memories are returning, questions come flooding in, all the anticipation has come to a head and you are finally at camp ready for the best week of summer! Below are 25 thoughts every camper is bound to have on their first day of camp at Clearwater Forest…

Clearwater Forest Worship

1.Are we there yet?

2. Will they like me?

3. I hope they sing my favorite song at worship!

4. I cannot wait to use those kayaks!

5. I wonder if the food will be good?

6. Who will I sit with at dinner?

7. This place is huge, I hope I don’t get lost…

8. Am I going to be able to get the farthest swim badge?

9. How cold is the water going to be?

10. I wish my mom would stop hugging me.

11. Will we be playing my favorite game this year?

12. Who’s going to be my counsellor?Clearwater Forest Ultimate Frisbee

13. When do we get to use the hammock circle?

14. I wonder what the camp shirts will look like this year?

15. Which bunk should I take?

16. Did I forget to pack my toothbrush?

Clearwater Forest High Ropes Course

17. Should I try to make it to the second level on the high ropes course this year?

18. What is a bouldering wall?

19. I can’t wait to see the new mountain bike course!

20. I wonder where the new international counsellors will be from this year?

21. I wonder how long I can go without washing my hair?

22. Can I go play gaga ball now?

23. What rhymes with my name?

24. Is one week going to be long enough?

25. Maybe I should sign up for two weeks next year…

Clearwater Forest Camp & Retreat Center