Highlights of Summer Camp 2018

Choose Your Own Adventure Week!

“My favorite part of the summer was evening worship, and watching how the involvement with singing and participating grew throughout each week. As well as watching campers grow at camp in their faith.” – Gracie

Water Week / Beach Camp

“This summer has provided me with a clear path to what I want out of life. Working with the staff and the kids rejuvenated my love for camp, and I am so blessed to have been a part of it.” – Noah

Eco & Sailing Camp

“It’s really difficult to try to pick just one moment of my best summer to date, but I think for me one of the best moments happened during sailing camp. After struggling the first few days, the boys in my cabin really came together and helped each other overcome their obstacles out on the lake. From there on, everyone was supported by each other and had the best time sailing!” – Nick

Classic Camp Week

“Meeting so many people throughout the summer and learning how to be a better leader.” – Morgan

Boundary Waters Canoe Trip

“One of my highlights of the summer was the Boundary Waters trip! Six days spent in the wilderness with great company and good weather was definitely the best was to end an amazing summer!” – Rachel

Endless Summer Camp

“Endless week Senior High Mighty Mighty for sure. There were shoes and toilet paper flying around, people running with chairs and PCV poles. It was amazing!” – Mikko

“So many great memories, but ceildh dancing with senior highers outside Eagle Lodge on the last night of the Summer was just fantastic!” – Gregor

Clearwater Forest Camp & Retreat Center