How Your Donations Help Clearwater Forest

Written by guest author: Sorcha McGuire

Clearwater Forest has been part of my life since I was eleven years old. My summers spent as a camper left such an impact on me that I came back to work as a counselor. Then, I knew I had more to give back to a place that helped raise me. That’s why I am so honored to serve on the Board of Directors today.

If pure adoration for Clearwater could keep the hot water heater working or the lawn mowed or the books balanced we would never have a worry in the world. Yet, we all know our ministry depends on the support of folks like you, who love and appreciate Clearwater as much as I do. 

You are likely wondering what exactly you can do next to support camp and where your next donations will go:

1. Sponsor a scholarship for a camper ($560)

Attending camp completely changed my life. As a kid from Minneapolis I couldn’t wait to escape to the woods for a week or two or four(!) I loved going with my younger brother; teaching him the songs we would sing or the rules of the games we play. I also know that my brother and I are lucky that our family was able to send us to camp each year. It was more than games and songs, too. Clearwater was the first place where I felt completely safe to learn about my faith and build a relationship with my Higher Power. That’s not the case for everyone and your donation today can provide a scholarship (or a partial one) for a camper who would not otherwise be able to experience the magic for Clearwater!

Donate now to sponsor a scholarship for a camper >>

2. Purchase a new kayak and lifejacket ($40 + $1300)

Without question, my favorite thing to do at camp is to wake up with the sun (and it’s pretty much the only time I’m willing to wake up that early!) and get out on the lake in a kayak. Kayaking reminds me how strong I am, how much stronger Mother Nature is than I am, and how important it is to appreciate silence. Clearwater has a remarkable fleet of kayaks, but there is a cost to maintain the boats and the accessories to keep users safe. So today, you can make a donation to cover the cost of a life jacket, the cost of a new kayak or the cost of both! 

Donate now to purchase a life jacket, kayak or both >>

3. Sponsor a counselor for a summer ($2300)

My most defining leadership experiences have happened at camp. It was the first place where I was invited to lead as a young woman and it was my first “big-kid” job. I learned that being early for work is actually being on time, and being on time is actually late. I learned there is no job too big, too small, too messy for a good teammate to tackle. Beyond building my leadership experience, I gained the best friendships I could even imagine and we are still friends today. By sponsoring a counselor you give the next young leader an opportunity to grow in their skills and their faith and form relationships that will last a lifetime. 

Donate now to sponsor a summer staff counselor >>

Thanks for making it this far. Since you’re here you know how much Clearwater means to me and I hope I’ve convinced you to finally support our ministry today. For some of you reading the suggested amounts may not match the level at which you’d like to give. That’s ok! So you can also click this link below and give whatever amount feels right to you and your family. I also have a full list of items you can help cover for camp.

Donate any amount now to support the ministry of Clearwater Forest >>

With Gratitude,
Sorcha McGuire
Funds Development Committee Chair & Member of the Clearwater Board of Directors

Clearwater Wish List:
$25 Buys coffee for the summer staff for a week
$40 Purchases a canoe paddle or lifejacket
$75 Funds a Kayak paddle
$125 Acquires a new kayak lifejacket
$280 Provides a half scholarship for one child at camp
$450 Affords a new tent
$560 Offers a full scholarship for one child at camp
$1,300 Covers the cost of a new kayak
$2,300 Sponsors a counselor for a summer
$4,000 Enables us to get a new raft

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