2018 Summer Staff Highlights: Dylan

As a Minnesota native and first time counselor, Dylan is no stranger to Clearwater Forest. They have been coming here as a camper since they were 8 years old. White makes it even more exciting to be on staff for their first year, because, they say, “I love the Clearwater community, it feels like family.”

While Dylan doesn’t have a pet hedgehog (yet!), it is their favorite animal and they hope to get one someday! Dylan does however, have a very hairy dog back home named Harry. And while they were a swimmer in high school, Dylan was lucky enough to meet the gold medalist, Michael Phelps. Of the meeting they said, “[Meeting Michael Phelps happened] towards the end of No Shave November, so in the photo I took with him, he has a huge mustache.”

Read on to find out what else we learned about first-time Clearwater summer-staffer, Dylan…

What’s your favorite thing about Clearwater?

The feeling of returning to community. I’ve always felt closest to others and God at camp. It feels like family and home.

What do you do when you’re not at camp?

In my free time, I enjoy playing and creating music. I also love watching movies with friends, both good and bad ones!

Can you share a favorite memory from Clearwater as a camper?

I had some pretty impactful moments during my ten years as a camper. I think my best memories are from evening worships, and I still build on those experiences today as a counselor. 

What do you want to be “when you grow up”?

I want to work with children and families and give them the resources they need. Wherever I go in life, I want to serve a community and a purpose that is important to me. 

Where is your dream vacation destination?

I’ve always wanted to go to South Africa. It’s a beautiful place with such an interesting history, and it’s definitely a potential study abroad location!

*Dylan’s choice of pronouns is they/their/them.

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