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The Clearwater Forest Board of Directors is comprised of 15 individuals, ten of which are nominated by the five governing bodies, and five additional board members are nominated by the Clearwater Board.

Governing Bodies:
Presbytery of Minnesota Valley
Presbytery of Northern Plains
Presbytery of Northern Waters
Synod of Lakes & Prairies
Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area

Pat Daly
presbytery of the twin cities area

Pat Daily

Pat joins the Board after several years of coordinating Chrysalis, sending her own children to camp and joining her church at several events at Clearwater.  Her experience and programming expertise are welcome additions to the Board.

vice president
at large

Megan Young-Black

Megan (or Meg as she’s known at Clearwater) is a former camper and Clearwater counselor. She brings a wealth of experience from the non-profit sector and an unwavering dedication to the success of Clearwater Forest.


Keith Beveridge

Keith has been coming to retreats and experiencing the beauty of Clearwater for almost 20 years.  Both daughters attended Summer Camp.  He has served on the board of several trade organizations.  Keith is excited to see Clearwater grow and prosper into the future.


Douglas Dent

Doug started leading groups at Clearwater 18 years ago. His kids attended camp and his wife is a former summer counselor. Doug is currently the Board secretary.


Sorcha McGuire

Sorcha comes to the Board with many years of experience as a camper and on summer staff at Clearwater. She brings a unique and valuable perspective to the Board.

Nancy E Clearwater Forest
presbytery of northern plains

Nancy Emerson

Nancy has a long history with Clearwater Forest as a volunteer and she puts her accounting skills to good use as Board Treasurer. 

presbytery of the twin cities area

Phyllis Hahn

Phyllis sent her children to camp, and now attends Grands Camp herself with her grandchildren. She brings a strong work ethic and desire to help staff be the best they can be.


Rob Wasko-Klink

Rob comes to the board as a former camper and counselor at Clearwater. He brings with him an entrepreneurial spirit and a deep love for the outdoors. He aims to help Clearwater in providing a place where Presbyterians –and so many others– can come connect through God’s woods and waters. Rob is looking forward to learning and growing while serving on the board!

synod of lakes & prairies

Mark Giese

Mark serves children, youth, and college students at First Presbyterian in Saint Cloud, MN. He brings years of youth ministry and his own experience as a camp counselor to the mission of Clearwater Forest. He brings a desire to build strong connections between camp and congregations. He is excited to help develop friendship and leadership skills, and to foster faith development and growth.

Maggie Sambo
presbytery of northern plains

Maggie Sambo

Maggie has a long family tradition of attending camp at Clearwater Forest. Her mother was a camper/counselor, she was a camper and now her children are attending camp. Her perspective is a welcome addition to the Board.

Robyn Weaver
presbytery of northern waters

Robyn Weaver

Robyn grew up in a family committed to developing Presbyterian Church Camp and Conference centers. The congregation she serves values retreats at Clearwater and sending youth to summer camp. Robyn is pleased to serve so Clearwater may continue to provide opportunities for children and adults to come, enjoy the gift that Clearwater is for peace and reflection, and growth in faith and service.

presbytery of minnesota valley

Terry Endresen

Terry is a retired building/general contractor with forty-five years experience. Although he has no prior experience with Clearwater, Terry has a particular love for the preservation of historic buildings and is excited to share his expertise with Clearwater.

presbytery of northern waters

Paul Rigstad

Paul had his first Bible camp experience the summer he turned seven, and continued almost uninterrupted until he was into his twenties. Paul understands the value of a time away from the normal daily happenings where the focus can be on the spiritual, emotional and inspirational. He considers Clearwater to be a place that offers this kind of existence in a wonderful setting. Paul has had several chances to be involved at Clearwater and help young family and church friends find the Spirit that is at Clearwater. He is excited to give his best as a board member.

presbytery of minnesota valleys

Lenae Wordes

Even though Lenae has very little camping experience, she believes in the many benefits and life experiences Clearwater Forest has to offer each camper and guest. She brings the desire to share her communication skills and her love for youth to help Clearwater be a desired destination for campers and all guests.

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