Board of Directors

Clearwater Forest Board is comprised of 15 individuals, ten of which are nominated by the five governing bodies, and five additional board members are nominated by the Clearwater Board of Directors.

Below are the list of current members of the board and which governing body they represent:

Presbytery of Minnesota Valley (MV)
Anna Williamson

Presbytery of Northern Plains (NP)
Nancy Emmerson
Mike Lochow

Presbytery of Northern Waters (NW)
Corey Larsen
Susan Ritchie

Synod of Lakes and Prairies
Bobbi Pointer
Jon Kirschhoffer

Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area (TCA)
Deb Demeester
Mike Etter

Board Designated
Leanne Thompson(MV)
Kevin Veldhuisen (Synod)
Wendy Nove (TCA)
Mary Koon (TCA)

Click the following titles for a pdf of the reports:

2017 Annual Report
2016 Annual Report
2016 Finanicals
2014-2015 Financial Review

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