Our plans will be changing as CDC and MN Dept of Health continue releasing guidelines throughout the year.


What is your drop off/pick up policy?

We will be asking parents to drop off and pick up their children without exiting the vehicles. This means that sadly this year parents are not invited to the opening and closing worships. We will miss you!

What will staff time off in the summer look like?

Staff will be asked to stay onsite during their time off. We will work hard to provide fun programming for them and space where they can recoup.

What are some big changes to the daily programming?

Campers will be in cabin units throughout the day and large group activities will be creatively different. Worship will be spread out – we want camp to be able to sing! Meals will be outdoors as often as possible.

How will you communicate changes as plans evolve?

As plans evolve, we will provide regular communication through email, on social media, and on our website’s COVID page.

Will you be using/requiring PPE?

We will be requiring everyone [the age of 5 and older] on site to wear masks at all times except when eating, or 6 feet distant from anyone else outdoors.

How frequently will staff be tested?

We are working on partnering with our local medical center to have staff tested every week.

What will you do if someone becomes symptomatic?

We will follow our Communicable Disease Plan.

What should we do to prepare for camp beforehand?

Parents are requested to have their camper practice good physical distancing for 14 days prior to camp and record a daily screening, including checking temperature, and for symptoms, including: fever over 100.4; cough; shortness of breath; diarrhea; fatigue; headache; muscle aches; nausea; loss of taste or smell; sore throat, or vomiting. Parents must verify that their camper has not been in close contact with a person who has been diagnosed with or suspected of having COVID-19. Where available, campers should be tested just prior to camp.

We are currently planning to have a full summer of camp! We will be implementing CDC guidelines and are working hard to create a safe environment that is also fun and developmental for our campers.

Here are some of the changes you will notice at camp:

Cohorting with Cabin Groups of 10 or Less

  • Much in the way that many schools are operating successfully this year, campers will be a part of groups at camp. Thankfully much of our programming is already set up to be successful with this model.
  • Each group will move through the day together. This means that camper’s choice will evolve into group choice for activities.
  • Groups will also eat together.


  • We will work hard to have all of our meals outside under tents this summer.
  • For inclement weather we will eat in shifts, spread out in the newly renovated dining hall.

Increased Budget for Health and Safety

  • We are allocating increased funds in our budget to cover additional medical staff and supplies, as well as cleaning and sanitizing staff, supplies and services.

There are many things we’re still working on for this summer that we will inform you about in the coming months:

  • Pre-camp procedures, and testing requirements and routines
  • Arrival and departure day procedures
  • Health Center procedures and medication distribution.
  • What all-camp games will look like
  • Getting sanitization stations around camp for ease of frequent handwashing
  • Developing creative plans for staff time off, since for safety reasons they will be required to stay in Camp during their time off

We realize that the summer of 2021 will bring some significant changes to camp in order to ensure everyone’s safety. At the same time, we are sure that there will be new activities and new ways of thinking that will become favorites for your campers and a great addition to how we run camp. We will be working hard to check in with each camper and group often, making small adjustments when necessary to help everyone have the summer of a lifetime.

We can’t thank you enough for your support, understanding, and flexibility as we move together through this new experience. We will continue to keep you posted as things evolve and/or become finalized.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please know that we’re here and happy to talk. Feel free to reach out to Doug Snaza at

Clearwater Forest Camp & Retreat Center