Clearwater Forest is a ministry of Christ called to provide faith-building Christian programming, nurture active Christian community, and be a faithful steward of God’s creation.

what makes clearwater unique

At Clearwater Forest we aim to change lives in God’s woods & waters.  Clearwater is a magical place both in presence and in spirit.  It is a place where people come to sing, celebrate, worship and play together.  It is a place of acceptance that encourages people to find their commonalities and embrace their differences.  It is a place where campers can try new things and learn new skills without fear of safety or judgement.  It is a place where young adults guide and nurture campers into future leaders.  It is over 1,000 acres of mostly unspoiled forest and lake shore, where kayaking, canoeing and water sports are a way of life.  Most of all, Clearwater Forest is a place where many feel closest to God and free to connect with their spirituality.

Clearwater Forest Worship
Clearwater Forest Sunset
Clearwater Forest Eagle Group Prayer

Clearwater Forest Camp & Retreat Center