Payton Pants and Ponders: A Dog’s Life at Camp

Rob & Payton


Hello! I am Rob Rathsack. I work here at Clearwater Forest and can’t wait to meet all of you. Let me introduce you to Payton she is my year-old puppy who will be at camp for the first time this summer. She is a Lab Retriever mix who loves the water, chewing toys, and is looking forward to learning to catch a Frisbee. She is at camp with me and is having a hard time understanding what camp will be like this summer. Right now she thinks she owns all of camp and barks at anyone who comes to visit. She is learning her manners and needs help from all of you to prepare her for camp.



From Payton: I love how wide-open camp is. I can run and run and it just seems to keep on going. My human is so slow and I can’t believe how I have to keep looking back to make sure he doesn’t get lost. He tells me this whole place, which now is mostly white, will be mostly green soon. I love the trails that cut between the trees. I race up and down the trails as my human looks at me and laughs. I think the trails are my favorite part of camp. Do any of you have a favorite place at camp? Can you tell me about it, all I have seen of camp has been winter? See you this summer, BARK!


Clearwater Forest Camp & Retreat Center