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Racial Justice

Clearwater Forest is a transformative place, called to change lives in God’s woods and waters. Guided by our core principles, we know that we cannot be silent.

Clearwater recognizes that there are a lot of people who are hurting in the world and in our community. Right now, we are focusing on the injustices against Black lives, and we are committed to fighting injustices everywhere.

Looking out into the world right now, we see the senseless killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Philando Castile, Jamar Clark, and thousands more children of God at the hands of a system that has continually been doing harm to Black communities. As Christians, we cannot stand by when we see the injustices right before us.

Jesus never shied away from doing the right thing, whether or not that put him in a difficult position. We feel that we are called to follow his example and stand against police brutality and all forms of systemic racism.

Clearwater Forest stands firm in our Christian beliefs that each Black life is created in God’s image, because every human is created in God’s image. We commit to using our shared voices to speak against this systemic injustice.

To our Black siblings in Christ: we love you. We value your lives. We will do better, and be an open, just and welcoming space for you. The world we live in does not reflect what Christ has intended for us.

Clearwater Forest has been blessed with incredible gifts of strong community, natural wonders, and presence of the Holy Spirit. We intend to create a diverse and inclusive community for any person who desires to experience these gifts.

We call on our greater Clearwater Family to join us in this next chapter. We must walk the path towards shared justice side by side. We ask you to help hold us accountable in our renewed commitment to step up, speak out, and take action for a more equitable future.

All of us at Clearwater love you and God loves you. We hope to see you soon.

⁠—The Clearwater Forest Summer Staff, Leadership Team and Board of Directors

Catch a Vision Retreat

October 10th – 12th, 2021

18 years old +

This retreat will focus on the ways in which each organization/church/context or individual can find authentic connection between the efforts and projects they are already pursuing and ways that their commitments to anti-racist perspectives and action can deepen and empower those efforts on a new level. Using worship, music, and group discussions, each participant will leave with a vision statement that empowers their own work going forward.

Leading the retreat is Anna Kendig Flores. Anna is a teaching elder, a pastor with a background in the world of hospital chaplaincy, mental health, addiction, and ethics. She brings these perspectives to her anti-racism efforts, incorporating spiritual practice with a holistic approach to “anti-racist living” that builds wholeness in communities from the inside-out. In sabbath time, she can be found pursuing her favorite spiritual practice of mountain biking.

Cost: shared room $175/ single room $275



The Ministry Lab has compiled two lists of resources—one for adults and one for youth—on anti-racism and ending white supremacy culture. Both can be accessed on their At-Home Tips & Resources page. 

“Justice Talk to Justice Walk: Building Awareness, Strengthening Our Resolve” is a new webinar series by UCC launching June 30, to expand racial justice awareness.  Click here for more information.

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