Senior High Camps are for students entering 9th grade through completing high school. We offer many unique camps for senior high students. Come join us for a fun-filled week of traditional camp, Service Week, Sailing Camp, Beach Camp or the ever popular Endless Summer! Our SALT program will give campers a broader servant and leadership opportunity at Clearwater and in our community.

These camps offer some of the staples of regular camp (worship & quest) while taking more time to focus on specific disciplines. Each Quest or Cabin group will participate in active planning and leading of worship experiences. Whether you sign up for a specialized camp or traditional week, campers need to be prepared for long action packed days, deep discussions with friends and their camp counselor, and be ready to release themselves from the distractions of the outside world.

Come spend a week taking specialty classes, where you can sign up for in-depth sessions of photography, orienteering, art, mountain biking, woodworking, nature, and more! At night, you will be in a cabin with other Adventure-aged campers, and during the day, you will participate in whichever classes you select! This is a perfect opportunity for independent thinkers or campers looking to learn specific skills.

For those interested in a service-focused week at camp, 2018 includes a brand new program: Service Camp. Spend a portion of each day working on projects that will benefit Clearwater for generations to come! Regular camp activities including worship, Quest, games, and high ropes will still be a part of this experience.

Spend the week at Clearwater learning the knot tying, equipment management, and, of course, how to sail! Campers will sail on Clearwater Lake during the day, and participate in evening activities with the rest of camp at night. Excellent instruction and lots of water, games, and fun help make this week unforgettable!

Life on a beach is laid back and relaxed, and so is this week of camp. A flexible schedule, meaningful worship, sleeping in are all parts of what makes this camp special. Beach Campers decide together what to do with most of their day based on the day’s theme, which means they have the flexibility to continue a great discussion, sing more songs around the campfire, and take the scenic route more often.

SENIOR HIGH S.A.L.T. (Servant and Leadership Training)
This nine-day program will give campers the opportunity to participate in an abbreviated staff training, special service projects, and take their leadership to a new level.
If you desire life challenge, growth in your faith, responsibility and hard work, this is for you. Learn how to work with children and acquire community-building techniques. Conquer the Team Challenge and High Ropes Courses. Take a spiritual gifts and personality inventory to learn more about who God created you to be. Explore what a leader is and how you can lead, not just at camp, but also in your community and beyond. If you are considering being a future Clearwater Forest Staff member, this program is for you, as it will help you understand what it means to be a true servant leader!
Those interested in this program must contact Cassie Gabe at prior to registering.

Spend the week doing all the traditional activities of camp. We will conquer the high ropes, spend time on the lake kayaking and canoeing, worship with your friends, mountain bike on along the many trails at camp, swim in Clearwater Lake, and make life-long memories.

Whether it is your first time or your tenth time, the best way to bring your summer to a close is to make it ENDLESS! If you have not made it to camp yet, now is your chance! If you have made it, then come back to see your friends again! Either way, ENDLESS is the quintessential camp experience you will not want to miss! Incredible worship, meaningful Quest times, life-changing conversations, and huge all-camp games are all part of this amazing, spirit-filled week!

6/9/2018Friends and Neighbors Day
Family/ 30/50 Mile Bike Ride
Orienteering Race
June 24-30Specialty Conference Week
Some of the conference/focus activities will include: Fishing, Photography, Watercolor, Lifeguard Training, Hunter Education, Mountain Biking, Nature Focus, Orienteering, Survivor, Woodworking, Service Camp. More information coming soon!
July 8-14Environmental Focus
Senior High 1 (Service week)
Sr. High Sailing
July 15-21Water Week
Beach Camp
Sr. High S.A.L.T. (July 16-July 25)
July 22-28Classic Week
Sr. High 3
Clearwater Forest Day Camp
July 29-Aug 4Endless
Sr. High Endless