clearwater forest

Wish List

We have been blessed with incredible support and generosity for the significant upgrades that occurred last year. Major upgrades to the facilties and programs happened, and we are looking forward to continuing to make OUR program and facility shine! Below are just some of the items that would help our program and facility grow that are not in our normal budget.

Bike Helmets
Bouldering Wall in Adventure Building
Low Ropes Course Renovation
Recreation Equipment
Hammock Circle
Paddleboards (3)
Bouldering Wall for Adventure Building
Low Temp Enameling Kiln (and shapes/enamels)
Sound System for Camp
Campground upgrades
Environmental Education Activities
Artwork for bedrooms in Leaning Tree
New bedside tables in Leaning Tree
Tables for Dining Room
New Swing/Chair Circle in cabin area
Adopt a bedroom in Leaning Tree (new fixtures, counter tops, furniture.)
Picnic Tables (5)
Quilts for Leaning Tree/Eagle Lodges
Sofas for Eagle main room
Tables/Chairs in Dining Hall
Work groups to paint bedrooms in Leaning Tree
Renovation of Nurses Cabin
Funds for Dining Hall Renovation

Please contact us if you are interested in helping our ministry with the above projects by emailing or call 218-678-2325.

Clearwater Forest Camp & Retreat Center