2019 Staff Training Week Recap

As we launch into our 2019 summer camp season, we thought it would be fun to share what’s been going on at Clearwater for the past month… staff training of course! Our new and returning staff members for the 2019 summer camp sessions come to Clearwater from all over the globe for 2 weeks of training and getting to know each other before camp begins.

Check out our 2019 Summer Staff page to get to know a little bit more about each of our counselors and where they are from…

Each day during the staff training weeks, our new staff members participate in activities, discussions, and training ranging from emergency procedures to relationship building, all to help prepare them to make camp even more enjoyable for every camper at Clearwater Forest. The staff learns to lead worship, participate in games and activities that are popular at camp, and spend time discussing the issues they will face in the coming months as counselors.

The staff spends lots of time brainstorming different ideas for games, songs, quest and arts & crafts. There are lots of jam sessions for the band to practice for worship, get set up and comfortable for the summer. At the staff campout, the group discuss sensitive topics and have lots of heart-to-hearts with each other.

“I would describe training as camp for us counselors. High ropes, low ropes, name games, explosion ball, that kind of thing. We get to know each other on a whole new level as friendship escalate so much faster here than in the ‘real world’,” our Assistant Camp Director Gracie explains.

The staff also go through lifeguard training, for those who want to become certified, and the whole staff trains for emergency produces so they know how to react if and when an emergency, such as a waterfront emergency, arises. At the end of staff training, they created an Amazing Race type of game for everyone to participate in and review what they’ve learned in training.

To wrap up the staff training and before the campers arrive, the staff goes on a fun outing together. Last year they went mini golfing and got ice cream afterward. This year the staff went bowling and continued the tradition by stopping at Dairy Queen before returning to camp.

Below are some of the highlights from these exciting weeks with our new 2019 staff members…

2019 Staff Training2019 Staff Training

2019 Staff Training

2019 Staff Training

2019 Staff Training

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