2019 Summer Staff Highlight: Betsy

Betsy is returning to Clearwater for her second summer on staff this year. She originally grew up in Wayzata, Minnesota, but is currently attending school in Duluth where she is studying theatre and design.
“My goal career wise is to be in theatre production as some sort of designer. What I would love most is to be a Props Master. I want to be in charge of fabricating, managing, and purchasing props for a show. So I guess you could say ‘I like stuff.'”
This adorably clumsy camper alumni hasn’t actually been pants’d in the school cafeteria before. However, she did accidentally hit someone on the head during a play. While playing Officer Brophy in the classic “Arsenic and Old Lace,” she was supposed to be pretending to hit a guy with a nightstick when she actually felt it hit him and felt terrible about her mishap! He said it was fine but the next night when he got pretend carried him off stage, she ran him into a stage light. Oops! Secondly, while working as the school mascot in Duluth, she accidentally fell on her face in front of an entire stadium, not once but twice, and had to have others help her up as the costume she was wearing was too big for her to manage on her own. We are sure to see more theatrics from Betsy this summer and I would guess they will be followed by some laughs!

Read on to find out more on what we learned about our favorite drama-enthusiast, Betsy…

1. What’s your favorite thing about Clearwater?
I love constantly being surrounded by nature. I also generally feel closest to God at camp because of all my great memories and connections to the place.

2. What do you do when you’re not at camp?
I’m a student at UMD (Go dogs!) and getting my BFA in Design and Production for theatre. I’ve worked on quite a few shows growing up and have done a few more projects in Duluth too.

3. Can you share a favorite memory from Clearwater as a camper?
I was a 2 week camper in high school and I remember that we had a special event planned for our free day at camp when it was just us and some counselors. We did a big “amazing race” challenge where we were in teams and went all over camp doing canoeing, puzzles, biking, and just having fun. My team won (shoutout to Daley and Seònaid) and then we had a movie party in the DH. Such a great day❤️

4. Where is your dream vacation destination?
I want to go to the sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica to see the most beautiful gentle creatures ever! I just love sloths and also like seeing beautiful places. But anywhere that’s as far from my current living situation as possible so I can learn new things.

5. What’s your favorite camp activity and why?
Thursday in its entirety is my favorite day at camp! Everyone is back from unit night bonding, international activities, and the Thursday morning song!

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