Doug & Lucy: A Clearwater Love Story

Our final Clearwater couple we interviewed for this month’s Valentine’s Day theme may be quite recognizable for anyone who has attended camp since the 1990’s… I’m talking, of course, about the guy who holds the record for the most summer’s on staff in Clearwater history, Doug, and his beautiful bride Lucy, a life-long camper and staff member herself.

Although both have a long history with Clearwater Forest, their love connection only sparked back in 2014 when they were on summer staff together.

“We had no intention of dating after the summer but we couldn’t break up!” Lucy recalls.

After visits back and forth from her home in St. Paul to his home in Fergus Falls for months on end, Doug finally moved to the Twin Cities and their relationship continued to grow. They purchased a home together and got engaged in the years following and were married in the spring of 2017, surrounded by some of their beloved Clearwater community.

“We loved having some of our best camp friends be a part of our wedding day!”

Since their big day, they have been working on home improvement projects, traveling and taking advantage of all the fun things to do in the city of St Paul. Now they are excited to find out what God has in-store for their futures.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we asked the couple a few questions about their time at Clearwater and relationship advice.

What is your favorite memory at Clearwater?
Lucy: Morning worship
Doug: Family style meals

What would you say is your Clearwater “legacy”?
Lucy: Encouraging authenticity in campers
Doug: Accepting each camper for who they are

What’s your favorite Clearwater camp song?
Lucy: Psalm 150
Doug: How Great is Our God

Favorite Clearwater game or activity?
Lucy: Secret Messages
Doug: Free time with kids

What do you think makes Clearwater such a special place?
Clearwater is special because of the space. We believe God is in the blades of grass, in the trees and in the air. Nothing and no one can replicate the feeling of camp. It brings out the best in people.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to other couples about keeping your relationship thriving?
Our advice to camp counselors who are dating is to focus on camp and be yourself. Your partner will see you at your worst and your best while on staff together and your true self has nowhere to hide while cleaning the bathhouse!

Thanks for sharing your love story with us Doug & Lucy!




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