Highlights of Summer Camp 2019

Sailing Camp / Eco Camp

“My favorite moment of camp was in the beginning after Eco Week when all the campers and counselors jumped into the lake after a competitive game of Mighty Mighty. It reminded me of what a fun family the Clearwater Staff is.” – Gretchen

Water Week

“My favorite moment of summer camp was watching all the junior and senior-highers jump into the lake the last night of Sailing Camp.” – John

“My favorite memory of camp was when we had a storm announcement and went down into the basement of Eagle lodge. The senior boys started to sing country roads and it was just amazing!” – Yigit

Classic Camp

“My favorite memory of the summer was being in tears of laughter on several occasions with some of the campers throughout the summer.” – Stuart

“My favorite memories were pretty much all the times I jumped into the lake fully clothed!” – Betsy


“My favorite moment was with my cabin at Endless. We had so many funny inside jokes like chicken strips and midnight yoga. We also had so many laughing attacks together. It was so much fun!” – Sarah

Clearwater Forest Camp & Retreat Center