Loon Nesting Project

Calling all loonies!

If you haven’t heard the news… Clearwater Forest is creating a Loon Ambassador’s team to help out with the Loon Nesting Program on Clearwater Lake!
Clearwater Forest Loon

What is the nesting program you ask?

Minnesotans love loons – none more than Jeff & Paulette Zernov, home owners on Clearwater Lake.  Out of this love they created a program 20+ years ago to encourage the loons on Clearwater to return year after year to hatch their young and to help the population thrive.  The program includes 3 separate yearly events: nest vegetation, nest deployment and nest removal/storage. The most critical event is nest deployment, making sure the nests are ready for the returning loons to defend after the winter. Usually the nests are deployed within 10 days of the ice melting from the lake.

Jeff & Paulette are looking to train a new team of Loon Ambassadors to share in their responsibilities and Clearwater is stepping up to help.  At Clearwater Forest it is part of our mission to be responsible stewards supporting and sustaining our resources also, to equip and train leaders to serve the world.  We are excited for the opportunity to learn more about the methods of the loon program and participate in the growth of the loon population on our lake; one of the things that makes Clearwater so unique and special!

In order to continue the success of the program we need your help…

Join us this March for our first ever annual Loon Ambassadors Event & Workshop!

At the workshop we will be vegetating the 8 nests we place on Clearwater Lake and getting them ready to deploy as soon as the ice melts off. In addition, we will be constructing new nesting platforms to be deployed on other lakes in our region. We will learn all about nesting platforms and why they are important in the loon recovery process, how to build a nesting platform, and how to select a space on a lake with the proper nursery area for chicks.

Build your own platform and get it ready to deploy, or donate to have a nest built and given to local lake associations to start their own loon nesting project. You can even leave with plans to build your own nest in your local area.

While the timing of these events is still to be determined, we would like to collect names of people who would be interested in volunteering their time for this important cause. We will be looking for people to attend the workshops and help build the nests, as well as a volunteer deployment team who can assemble on short notice (10-days or less) and place the nests around Clearwater Lake once the ice has melted each spring.

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