10 Reasons Summer Camp Encourages Personal Growth

Summer break offers school-aged kids a break from structured learning. At Clearwater Forest we provide those children with the opportunity to build their character, confidence, and other interpersonal skills while indulging in fun and enriching activities.

At Clearwater, daily challenges and group activities can help stimulate personal growth by pushing campers to new boundaries. While traditional schools reward growth in reading, writing, and arithmetic, camp provides an opportunity for personal growth in other areas such as social skills, confidence, communication and cooperation.

Clearwater Forest is a safe, supervised environment filled with freedom and opportunity. For parents who have their own camp memories, it is an investment that goes without question. For children looking to flex their wings, it is the opportunity of a lifetime that only comes around once a year!

The following are the top 10 reasons summer camp encourages personal growth in both campers and staff.

1. Interpersonal Skill Development

From first-day introductions to end-of-session farewells, campers get countless real-life opportunities to practice their interpersonal skills.

2. Independence

In a safe environment, under the supervision of a trained, talented, compassionate staff, but free from parental interference, children make their own decisions which fosters their sense of independence.

3. Exploring New Interests

Campers walk away from camp with a variety of new skills. Some skills, like sailing, paddling a kayak, mountain bike riding, archery, may even become a lifelong interest.

4. Learning Cooperation

Part of the fun of living in a cabin and participating in camp is giving campers the opportunity to fulfill their duties as members of a community.

5. Communication

Freedom from parental guidance encourages campers to find their voice and stick up for their needs and desires at camp.

6. Character Building

Campers take part in many character building activities that promote positive self-esteem and self-worth. And contribute to the overall development of the community.

7. Overcoming Challenges

Campers are put into challenging situations every day at camp and must demonstrate risk assessment, learn to achieve their goals and conquer their fears.

8. Relationship Building

Camp creates a space for courage to flourish and children to come together to help one another thrive.

9. Cultivating Leadership Skills

Many of the skills learned at camp can directly translate into everyday situations where leaders take charge.

10. Sense of Belonging

Children often yearn to be accepted and embraced by their peers. At camp, they will discover the joy of belonging to a cabin, a quest group, a community and the responsibilities that belonging encourages.

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