3 Ways to Visit Clearwater Forest During the Off-Season

Clearwater Forest is like a second home to many people who enjoy it’s woods and waters. But for those of you who only come during the summer time, be it for summer camp, creative arts, or one of the other events held there during the warm months, it can feel like an eternity to wait all year before you can return again. That’s why we’ve come up with 5 ways to visit Clearwater Forest during the off season, for those of you who just cannot stay away!

3. Join a retreat!

Clearwater hosts a number of retreats during the non-summer months for all kinds of groups. Each fall we host a Fall Youth Retreat, and every winter the women’s group comes up for their Winter Chrysalis Retreat. Snow Camp takes place each winter and is a popular option for youth to participate in all the fun of camp while in the snow.
Register your camper for Snow Camp today!

Take a look at all the retreats we host, and if you don’t see one that suits you, you can always plan your own! We offer the hermitage and Woodchuck cabins for year-round solo and couples retreats. And then of course there are Leaning Tree and Eagle Lodges, and the Carriage House (which is currently undergoing renovations!) where you can host larger groups at once.

Clearwater Forest Hermitage               Clearwater Forest Woodchuck Cabin

2. Volunteer!

Being a nonprofit, Clearwater Forest relies on the help and generosity of volunteers such as yourself. Sign up for our annual Spring Work Day, which takes place every May before summer camp season, to get the grounds cleaned up and ready for summer camp. If you cannot make spring work day, or want to come up and volunteer at another time, reach out to Lance Baumann, our Director of Facilities, to inquire about other volunteer opportunities during the off-season.
Email Lance: lance@clearwaterforest.org

Clearwater Forest Wintertime                 

1. Book a lodge for a family holiday celebration!

Did you know you can reserve one of the lodges for a private family retreat outside of the summer months. Just imagine spending Thanksgiving with your entire extended family all under one roof. Preparing the feast in the Leaning Tree Lodge kitchen while the kids ping pong downstairs, or setting the table for 20 in Eagle while Aunty plays the piano in the great room while the family sings along.

For more information on reserving one of the lodges please call the Clearwater office: (218) 678-2325

Clearwater Forest Christmas Tree Eagle Lodge                 Clearwater Forest Christmas Tree Leaning Tree Lodge

Clearwater Forest Camp & Retreat Center