What Being a Camp Counselor Is Really All About

Being a camp counselor at Clearwater Forest is more than making sure your campers are awake on time, corralling your cabin from activity to activity, or cleaning the River Jordan Bath House.

Here are a few things our 2018 summer staff called out when asked what being a camp counselor is all about to them.

Being a camp counselor at Clearwater is about…

  • Connecting and making meaningful relationships with all different kinds of people.
  • Changing into your third outfit of the day because your first got wet when a camper
  • memorized the bible verse and your second got dirty playing Mighty Mighty!

  • Easily picking out your campers from the crowd because they’re all rocking french
  • braids in their hair that you got up early to do.
  • Accepting that you’re wearing patterns that don’t match.
  • Wearing silly costumes.


  • Having a smile on your face even with very little sleep.
  • Having a song stuck in your head because a camper likes to hear it in your accent.
  • Having inside jokes that friends outside of camp just won’t understand.
  • Getting excited about your trips to Target at the weekend!

  • Being up for absolutely anything, no matter how silly, because “it’s all for the kids”!
  • Getting your face covered in oatmeal because it’s “spa” night.
  • Seeing how many dad jokes you can tell a group of campers in a week, and if you can top last week’s number (typically around 40)

  • Time management, like figuring out when to take a shower and when to let it go until the next day.
  • Waking up at the crack of dawn to lifeguard for the polar bear swim.
  • The ability to function without any sign of sleep.

  • Knowing you don’t look your best, but finding solace in that nobody does or cares.
  • Putting the kids first, making sure they are having fun even when you’re exhausted because you stayed up all night before planning today’s activities.

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