Why Campers Become Leaders

After learning all of the wonderful benefits of sending your kid to summer camp, it should come as no surprise that Clearwater Forest campers become leaders in their communities. Whether they are first time campers or seasoned veterans, kids of all ages develop leadership skills at Clearwater that will follow them into adulthood and help them thrive in their future relationships and businesses.  

For starters, the counselors and staff at Clearwater Forest are constantly modeling behavior that exhibits safe, healthy Christian values. Demonstrating strong leadership skills is a quality required from all of our staff members. They teach and inspire, giving campers something to look up to and perhaps aspire to be one day.

On any given day at Clearwater, counselors have to…

  • Unite a group around a common cause
  • Strategically facilitate a group from one activity to the next
  • Demonstrate critical thinking on the fly
  • Hold the attention and speak in front of a large group
  • Promote strong conflict resolution techniques among campers and fellow counselors
  • Comfort a camper  who’s had a rough day

Campers are also encouraged to practice leadership skills in their daily life at Clearwater. It’s more than just learning responsibility for one’s self and team building. Campers develop a sense of independence, living on their own away from their parents for a week. They are repeatedly put into situations where they are held accountable for their actions whether it be daily cabin clean up or working together to set up the dining room for meal time.

On a daily basis, campers have the opportunity to try out new skills and so are able to discover new passions. They are put into challenging situations and must demonstrate risk assessment, learn to achieve their goals and conquer their fears. Campers have opportunities to serve others at Clearwater and in doing so, learn compassion and respect for their peers. Many of these skills learned at camp can directly translate into everyday situations where leaders take charge.

An excellent way to continue developing those skills is to join our Service & Leadership Training Program for Senior Highers next summer. This special session, which was adapted from the former Counselor In Training program, is the stepping stone between being a camper and becoming a staff member at Clearwater. The 9 day program will give campers the opportunity to participate in an abbreviated staff training, special service projects and take their leadership to a new level.

For more information and 2019 dates, please keep an eye out for the 2019 summer camp registration, opening in January!

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