Why Parents Are Thankful for Summer Camp

Many parents who are new to Clearwater are curious about the benefits of sending their child to summer camp. We get a lot of questioning parents wondering if their child is ready for camp and how to prepare their child for their first time at camp. Any veteran camp parent will tell you that the benefits of summer camp last beyond August.

We already know why every kid should go to summer camp, but sometimes it’s easy to overlook the benefits that camp has on the whole family. It’s amazing what one week away at camp will teach your kid, and we wanted to share some of the reasons parents are so thankful for summer camp. 

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Time to Switch Your Focus

For one week every summer you can focus your uninterrupted attention on something other than your children. Maybe it’s finally finishing that book you’ve been attempting to read for months, or getting projects done around the house. Maybe you and your spouse get to take a little vacation for yourselves and reconnect. Maybe you hit the gym for the first time in ages, learn a new skill or finally get caught up with all the laundry that’s been piling up. 

However you decide to use your kid-free week, you will rest easy knowing your kid(s) are having the time of their lives at summer camp and being well-fed and well taken care of while they explore their own self-development and growth. 

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Less Time Spent Micro-Managing, More Time Spent Enjoying

Your kid(s) will return from camp with newfound pride in taking care of themselves. For their week away, they will have had to brush their teeth, comb their hair, dress themselves, and tidy up their bunk space, all without being told to. Seeing their peers do it, and feeling the camaraderie of a cabin clean-up, they will easily fall into these good habits and you can bet they will carry over once they are back home. With less time spent micro-managing their kids’ daily routines, parents are thankful to spend more time enjoying their kids’ company.

More Opportunities for New Activities

It’s no secret that campers will get out of their comfort zone and feel encouraged to try new things in the safe environment Clearwater provides. Whether it is climbing to the second level of the high ropes course, attempting their first kayak roll or participating in a game of quidditch. When campers experience the reward of trying new things, they are more likely to continue. With the new confidence gained at camp, your kid(s) will return home a lot more willing to try new things. From new foods to new experiences, your family may have a lot more options ahead of you for the rest of the year!

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An Abundance of Gratitude 

While Clearwater quickly turns into a home-away-from-home for most campers, it’s not uncommon for kids to experience a little bit of home-sickness. Even for those who don’t, being away from their home at camp gives kids a renewed sense of gratitude for the family and the home they miss while away at camp. 

That, coupled with the values campers are taught to live by each day at Clearwater, makes for an abundance of gratitude upon returning home from a week at camp. You might find your kid acts a bit kinder to their siblings, or more mature during a family gathering. Parents are thankful all these “symptoms” arise in the aftermath of a successful week at camp!

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