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What is Camp-in-a-Van?

Camp-in-a-Van is a weeklong unique blend of outdoor ministry and congregational ministry.  It is a joint effort between the camp and the congregation. Camp-in-a-Van is designed for young people who have completed grades K-5*. Clearwater Forest (CF) will provide programming (staff, art supplies, game equipment, curriculum resources, and miscellaneous stories and activities) and the congregation will provide support services, promotion of the program, and involvement in the program as arranged between the CIAV Coordinator and the congregation’s coordinator.  The curriculum is Christ-centered and activity based, which encourages hands-on learning.  Click to read more!


Daily Schedule

8:15 AM - Staff/Volunteer Arrival– camp staff and volunteers prepare for the day; meet to pray.

9:00 AM - Arrival of children and Check-in – there will be “floating” activities to engage the  children as they arrive.

9:20 AM - Morning Worship: A time at the beginning of each day to praise God and introduce the theme through the use of scripture, prayer, songs, and drama.

9:45 AM - Small Group Bible Studies: The theme will be developed through age-appropriate discussion, activities and Bible-reading. This is led by camp staff, assisted by volunteers.

10:30 AM - Snack/Restroom Break

10:45 AM - Rotation: Crafts (age-appropriate) based on curriculum or games by age  groups. Camp style fun, wild, wacky, zany games as well as group building activities. It is necessary to have access to an outdoor play area.

12:15 PM - Lunch (provided by the church or children bring their own and church may opt to provide drinks only.)

1:00 PM - Storytime and quiet time for younger children; large group game appropriate for school-age children. Option for off-site activity to begin at this time. (Church may elect to work with camp staff to plan off-site adventures. Adventures may include bowling, a lake trip or city pool, library, or hike. Some of these activities may require additional staff or admission money. Another suggestion is a mission experience, such as visiting a nursing home, etc.)

1:45 PM - Camper’s Choice: Reflecting the options that campers receive at Clearwater Forest, this gives the children the option to choose more time for crafts, games, nature activities, etc. provided by the camp staff.

2:40 PM - Closing Worship: A time at the end of the day used for closure and wrap-up of the day’s theme. The time contains celebration and praise through songs, prayer, scripture, drama and stories.

3:00 PM - Parents Pick-up children. Staff review the day, clean up and make preparations for the next day.

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Fees are due paid in full 14 days before any camp session begins. If registration occurs within 14 days prior to the start of the session, all fees are due with registration.
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