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Each year, more than 5,000 people enjoy the pristine 1,016 acres on Clearwater Lake. They come for summer camp, family camps, art/music festivals, adult retreats, team building, the high ropes course and personal spiritual renewal. In addition, groups come throughout the year for retreats, work weekends and leadership training.

They come to renew and rejuvenate in God’s creation, surrounded by the dense forest of pines and maples, dotted with wildflowers, songbirds, a healthy population of loons and many other animals. They come for one night or as long as two weeks to recreate together, worship together, and live in an active Christian community.  They come to connect- with old and new friends, as well as with their Creator. They leave refreshed and ready to serve as God calls them.

In order to serve so many, to maintain and improve our facilities, and to be good stewards of this beautiful, natural setting, we depend on contributions from individuals, as well as volunteer support. We invite you to partner with us as we change lives in God’s woods and waters.


How can you Help?

Clearwater Forest serves hundreds of summer campers, hosts many church groups, and provides facilities for retreats, reunions, and other events every year. In order to serve so many, to maintain and improve our facilities, and to be good stewards of this beautiful, natural setting, we depend on contributions from individuals, as well as volunteer support.

1. Give

To our annual fund

So we can promote and achieve our mission, faithfully continue to manage the 1,016 acres of property and the 40 plus buildings, hire the best quality staff and provide fun, exciting and enriching programming.

To our capital campaign


introducing clearwater's

Capital campaign

Rooted in Tradition, Growing for Tomorrow. Clearwater Forest is embarking on a new journey in the form of a capital campaign to reach our goal of raising $2.2 million! The money will go towards the renovation of the kitchen and dining hall, a replacement building for Osprey House and the updating of the Carriage House.

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Scholarship Fund

We are committed to helping any child who wants to attend summer camp do so regardless of financial situation. Each year Clearwater provides $10k – $12k in scholarship funds to our campers.  Sometimes the individual need is for as little as $50, other times it is the entire cost of a week at camp. Please help us support this commitment by donating to our scholarship fund and help us meet our annual goal of raising $11,000.

Donate to Scholarship Fund

Support our wish list

Support with an outright gift or if you have a gently used item that fits our needs, we will be happy to accept it.

2. Volunteer

Spend a day or more at Clearwater Forest! We need volunteers throughout the spring/summer/fall to help maintain and improve our facilities.

  • Bike mechanics to keep our mountain bikes in good working order
  • General maintenance work
  • Kitchen help during summer camp
  • Gardeners
  • Wood splitters
  • Painters to help keep our buildings fresh and clean inside and out
  • Loon nesting platforms – click here to learn more!
  • Shoreline restoration

To learn more about volunteering, contact Lance Baumann, our Director of Facilities at or call the office at: (218) 678-2325

3. Amazon Shopping

Support Clearwater by doing all of your online shopping through Amazon Smile. When you shop on Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate a percentage of your payment to Clearwater Forest at no extra cost to you! It’s that simple!

4. Eagle Society

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Eagle Society

Be part of Clearwater’s long-term vision/mission by joining the Eagle Society. These amazing individuals have recognized how important Clearwater Forest has been in their lives, care deeply for the longevity of our ministry, and have made a commitment to this ministry with a planned gift through their will or estate plan.

For more information or to help plan your gift, please contact Executive Director Erin Anderson at, or call the office at: (218) 678-2325

Please consider a planned gift to Clearwater Forest!

This future gift may come in the form of:

  • Cash
  • Life Insurance Beneficiary
  • Bequest From a Will
  • Stocks and Securities
  • Property
  • IRA Beneficiary
  • Mutual Funds Beneficiary

5. Charitable donation from your retirement account

Consider a distribution directly from your retirement account. People older than 70½ can transfer up to $100,000 per year from their traditional IRAs. Your investment company, lawyer or tax accountant can help.

Tax-Free Charitable Donations

6. PRAY!

Pray for our staff, the summer programs, our retreat guests, our ministry partners, and the Clearwater Forest Board of Directors.

Our ministry relies on faithful people who recognize the vital ministry that Clearwater Forest plays in our campers, summer staff, and retreat groups’ lives. We invite you to partner with us as we change lives in God’s woods and waters.




"Presbyterian Clearwater Forest is a place to breathe, a place to learn, a place to discover, a place to grow, a place to be... As i turn off Crooked Lake Road, passing into the trees and slowing, a different anticipation rises. Something loosens even further and the lakes comes into view. I become impatient, no matter the weather or time of year, to step out of the truck, stand in the peace of speaking trees, calling loons, soft snort and stamp of deer, the song of many birds, the boom of the grouse, the laughter of campers, the shriek of the wind and if the lake is speaking, the deep booming crack of ice or call of the waves lapping or slapping the shoreline. Presbyterian Clearwater Forest is for me a place where prayer is in each breath and the silence speaks, and most of all The Voice is more clearly heard that nearly anywhere else."

anna williamson, 2020

Thank you for your support!

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