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Capital Campaign

Campaign at a glance...

Rooted in Tradition, Growing for Tomorrow. Clearwater Forest is embarking on a new journey in the form of a capital campaign to reach our goal of raising $2.2 million!

Beneficiaries of the funds raised include:

  • Dining Hall and kitchen renovation to include an upgraded kitchen and dining area and accessible bathrooms with the addition of administrative offices and a welcoming center. 
  • A replacement building for our beloved Osprey House with a multifunctional retreat and meeting space.
  • The transformation of the Carriage House to a cozy small-to-medium sized group retreat house, while honoring the historic architectural features of the building.

Beyond the campaign, our long-term goals include the addition of a retreat lodge for medium-sized groups with kitchen and dining facilities and a historic renovation of Eagle Lodge.


Why a capital campaign?

n short, we are embarking on this capital campaign to deliver on our promises:

Provide a healthy, safe, compliant environment

  • Modernize the kitchen, bring it to code
  • Create accessible spaces and restrooms

Value our employees and guests

  • Design office space that is professional, efficient, and comfortable
  • Provide a welcoming and lasting impression

Preserve the resources entrusted to us

  • Maintain structures, while preserving the historical features of each
  • Celebrate our heritage

Clearwater Forest started changing lives in 1954 through a Christian camp experience. We now offer retreats, family events, senior programs, and team-building opportunities. 

Each year some 5,000 guests experience the hospitality of Clearwater Forest: campers, work groups, re-treaters, family reunions, wedding parties, and more. With each new encounter, a bond with Clearwater is created.

Clearwater Forest generates stories and embeds traditions in our memories and hearts. We believe this is the Holy Spirit changing lives in God’s woods and waters.

We love hearing people’s stories about Clearwater Forest. Many exclaim: “It’s one of my favorite places in the world!” Others describe the thrill of anticipation driving down the lane to camp, no matter how long it’s been since their last visit. 

When you have something you love, you take care of it. You nurture and develop it, and you proudly share it with others. That’s what Clearwater is for so many people who call it their home away from home.

Historic Eagle Lodge and the Carriage house are some of our oldest buildings, both built in 1922. Hallett Hall (the Dining Hall) and Leaning Tree lodge are more recent additions, but both are in need of significant upgrades. Osprey House, a primary retreat space, needs to be replaced after it was ‘retired’ last year due to its compromised sustainability.

Our campaign is about love, memories, and traditions. It is also about the future. How do we maintain and develop Clearwater Forest so that it can continue to transform lives? This whole idea is aptly summed up in our Campaign title – Rooted in Tradition, Growing for Tomorrow.

Buildings That Support Our Mission


Dining Hall & Welcoming Center


Osprey House Replacement


Carriage House

We are already working on:

  • Replacing windows in Hallett Hall and the Carriage House and upgrading the septic system (from existing funds).
  • A conservation easement agreement has been reached with the Minnesota Department of Revenue, the Trust for Public Land and the DNR, to place the northern, rustic part of our property into a perpetual conservation easement in exchange for $1,663,620. Part of the easement ($650,000) will be used as a bridge loan to the capital campaign to allow us to break ground on the needed renovations to Hallett Hall.

The vision for Clearwater Forest

Check out the videos below to see our vision for the future of the Hallet Dining Hall and Osprey House Replacement building.

Our architect’s rendering – tour of the proposed renovations to the kitchen and dining hall.

Our architect’s rendering – tour of the proposed facility to replace Osprey House.

Growing For Tomorrow

We invite you to engage in a spiritual discernment process. Begin by reflecting on what you love most about Clearwater Forest. Share your favorite Clearwater Forest story and inspire others. Assess the impact Clearwater Forest made in your life. Decide what you can give to help grow our ministry and transform more lives in God’s words and water.

On behalf of Clearwater Forest and all the lives that will continue to be transformed here, Thank You!

Support Our Growth

When you are ready to support the vision for Clearwater Forest, we invite you to contact a member of the campaign team for a conversation. We would be happy to help you form a plan that best suits your wishes. The 3-year pledge chart below may help you determine your level of giving.


Campaign Team

Jon Kirschhoffer, Campaign Chairperson
(651) 295-0390;

Sorcha McGuire, Funds Development Chair, Board of Directors

Lance Baumann, Director of Facilities