Welcome to Clearwater Forest!

A stunningly beautiful camp and retreat setting on Clearwater Lake in central Minnesota, Clearwater Forest has been changing lives in God’s woods and waters since 1954.

Clearwater Forest provides programming including summer youth camps, women’s retreats, spiritual renewal events, non-summer youth retreats, family events, senior adult programs and teambuilding opportunities for all types of groups.

Family reunions, weddings, small group retreats and corporate picnics/events all enjoy using the variety of facilities Looking to unify your group and have fun together? Check out the teambuilding options, both on land and water!



  • Clearwater Forest is community-creating!

    Mike H
  • When I come here, it’s a chance to take a breath… to just breathe.

  • I have long term relationships with confirmands that I’ve built here [through retreats].

  • “At the [summer camp] worship services in the Pavilion, the front row fills first.”

  • Kids aren’t afraid here to say what’s on their heart or mind- open and accepting here.

    Pastor who has brought confirmands to retreats at CF
  • This is a place that allows you to let God in and you can listen… a place to listen.

  • The summer staff are connecting and do things they think are important and their energy is contagious.

  • I like to hike to be quiet and listen to God.

  • So many college-aged people who don’t go to church, but kids who come to camp, you don’t have to tell them how valuable and powerful a community of believers it.

  • The environment we have… God’s creation in purest form. His presence feels closer here than anywhere.

  • I’ve always felt such a calling to camp, to be here. I was so lost this past year, but I was meant to do this job here. Hard to be devoted and open Christian at my school, but easy here.

    Hannah H.
  • When I come to camp, it reinvigorates my faith. Sorta like “Oh, this is why I go to church!”  Kids here have fun with God.


Upcoming Events

Senior High Retreat - God's Waters

November 13-15
Grades 10-12

Prepare to learn about Christianity in God’s Waters! We will talk about what God’s waters are, and how they affect the daily aspects of our lives. Prepare to get a little wet, have a lot of fun, meet new people, and explore Christianity together.

Learn more


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